Cosplay of Counter Strike Game

Publication Date: 2015-12-05 Back

On 5th, Dec, 2015, ORIEMAC whole team took a bus to Jiangsu Province to enjoy a wonderful day with delicious food and Cosplay of Counter Strike game. Yangcheng Lake is famous for delicious hairy crabs. We enjoyed a wonderful meal hairy crabs and other delicacy.

After meal, it began to rain. The bus took us to a room which looks like a disused parking lot. Guess what we are going to do. Yes, you are right. We are going to playing the exciting Cosplay of Counter Strike game. All the equipment need, battle dress uniform and guns are ready. We also have got a coach and some other supporting staff. Firstly, under the leading of the coach, we have some small funning games as warming up. Secondly, the coach divided us into 2 groups and taught us how to use the gun and the rules of the game. Then all of us wear the professional equipments. Thirdly, the game began. We two groups had a fierce debate. For most of us, it’s the first time to play Cosplay of Counter Strike game. We all feel new and exciting. We hide behind pillars,  walls to avoid being shot and tried to find chance to shoot others meanwhile. One team won and the other team lost. Some one did well and some one did not well. But it doesn’t matter to win or to lose.

The most important was that we learned together and worked together and we all had a wonderful time. We all had small prizes after the game finished. I believe we will have more chance to play together and do good work together.

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