Oriemac 2016 Annual Party

Publication Date: 2016-01-22 Back

On 22nd January, 2016, the whole group of ORIEMAC held a big annual party in Caesar Hall of Taibeichun KTV, the largest Karaoke Hall in Shanghai. It was a very important company activity. We Toasted the New Year and gave ourselves a pat on the back for the business year that ended on a great note.

All of us at present were enjoyed the various performances, talent shows like singing, team dancing, guitar solo, crosstalk, drama etc We also invited some honored guests as judges and gave fair score to the performance. During the excellent performances, there was a break, our boss rewarded for the most outstanding employees and also the hard working staffs in the year. Meantime we had continuously provided snacks and drinks.

We enjoyed a wonderful night with all brothers and sisters. “It was an unforgettable and amazing night you can find nowhere else but with the Evangel and Oriemac big family” said by all of our guests. Tomorrow will be better for Oriemac.

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