Wonderful visiting in Taiji Zen Hall

Publication Date: 2016-09-24 Back

On September 24th, 2016, Oriemac company arranged an outdoor activity in this colorful autumn in Changshu city. We had the honor to come to Taiji Zen Hall to visit and learn Alibaba culture, we seen Ali's growth trajectory, learned the composition of Taiji Zen Hall, preaching hall, a famous martial art hall, we appreciated the Jack Ma's handwritten calligraphy and painting.

During the visit, we followed a professional Taiji Zen master to learn Taiji around the lake, the master said that to learn Taiji Zen not only could keep physical fitness, but also could prevent criminals, he also taught our girls powerful anti-wolf tricks, We learned with much joy.

The time of visit was limited, but because of this activity, we had the opportunity to communicate with colleagues, enhance team cohesion, and meet new friends. I hope this will be a starting point for us to learn more and more about the cultivation and culture of Ali company and learn how to become a excellent person.

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