2017 ORIEMAC Annual Party

Publication Date: 2017-01-08 Back
On January 8th, 2017, ORIEMAC held a grand new year celebration party in a garden villa in Min hang District, Shanghai. The party lasted the whole day. Everyone was so excited and enjoyed it a lot.

The theme for this year is "Thanks-giving, Share" and "Top Chef". Early in the morning, each department had started making a big purchase from supermarket, food maket, to roadside shop for all kinds of snacks, fruits, and fresh dinner ingredients. To be the top chef, we had been practicing many times in advance so that we could display one perfect dish. 

The villa was really beautiful with various flowers and plants, wide vision, quiet environment as well as fresh air. The kitchen inside the villa is pleasantly surprised and satisfied, and there're super KTV compartment, table football, cool game machine, swimming pool, costume ball waiting for us. 

We played different funny games together, and the biggest highlight is of course the steaming hot dinner, especially considering we made them all by ourselves.We shared the achievement of last year and how we could offer more prompt and professional service to our customers in 2017.

Such a wonderful night and expect a more and more strong Oriemac!

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