MARCH EXPO Startup Meeting

Publication Date: 2018-03-05 Back

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. Therefore, ORIEMAC participated in MARCH EXPO startup meeting on 1st March, the participants of which include about one hundred companies from various trades and industries eastern China. These enterprises were divided into 5 Groups, competing with each other from 6th March to 20th April.

The meeting consisted of two parts.  Part I is to improve executive ability of 5 Groups through a couple of interesting games. Part II are that the sponsor Alibaba gave explains at detail rules and that all the companies reported their target sales in the period of MARCH EXPO. ORIEMAC briefed $1000,000 target budget, leading all those reported amount.

Everyone looked forward to making good progress in the coming MARCH EXPO. What came next was how to fulfill their goals after recognizing MARCH EXPO's necessity and significance, which would be demonstrated by all their effort in the coming 45 days.

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