Alibaba’s Oscar Night

Publication Date: 2018-04-26 Back

On 26th April, 2018, a great MARCH EXPO award ceremony was held in Shanghai by Alibaba, which was named as Oscar Night for exporting companies in eastern China. It was designed to give incentives to companies that made great progress in the period of MARCH EXPO.

ORIEMAC staff participated in the ceremony, well dressed up. Ranked No. 1 in sales volume, a few ORIEMAC’s staff receive awards on stage and deliver a short thoughts of wining, among which includes KING Corporation for Top 1 GMV amount, Sale Elite for the largest amount in one order, Blitz Agent for ones who got an order the most quickly and so on. Sitting on a 17-award record, the boss of ORIEMAC Dennis shared his thoughts and experience with all of the entrepreneurs present.

ORIEMAC, a brilliant team, was, is and will be in full bloom at Alibaba’s Oscar night.

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