EONMAC Group Opening Ceremony

Publication Date: 2018-08-08 Back
In the wonderful 8th, August, EONMAC welcomed the opening ceremony. Double eight means to make a fortune and get rich. It’s a very auspicious day in our Chinese eyes. 

As one of the subsidiary corporations of EONMAC Group, our Oriemac were so glad to witness and participate in this important moment. Our new office has 1000+m² space, located in Changning district, downtown of Shanghai city, 20 minutes far away from Hongqiao airport & train station. Lots of premier hotels, restaurants and shopping malls are surrounded by us. This day we welcomed swarming guests, drinking champagne and sharing a big cake. Photographers used their cameras to help us record every memorable moment. With a cheerful atmosphere, laughter and applause permeate from start to finish. We had great success at this opening ceremony.

All of us in Oriemac were so proud to work and live in this beautiful environment, and believed that EONMAC will be more successful and have a bright future! 

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