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Mexico Clients Visited ACNTRUCK Office

Clients in April for the first time to send a message asking for information about the car crane. We quickly responded and provided a variety of quotations, but at that time did not immediately close the deal. However, we did not give up, during the period, to keep in close contac


Iraq Clients Visited ACNTRUCK Office

At the beginning of January, we were pleased to receive a message from one of our clients. The clients expressed in the email their desire to find new and reliable suppliers in China to expand their business. In the days that followed, we kept in close communication with our clien


Algeria Clients Visited ACNTRUCK Office

From April 24 to April 27, 2024, my Algerian clients visited China to attend the Canton Fair and subsequently traveled to Shanghai for other exhibitions. I extended an invitation for them to visit our visit during their stay. Upon their arrival on Wednesday, I provided an overview


China Client Visited ACNTRUCK Office

On the first day, I accompanied the client to Xuzhou to visit and inspect the machine. In Xuzhou, I introduced the performance, characteristics and use of the machine to the customer in detail, and patiently answered the various questions raised by the client. Through field visits


Kazakhstan Client Visited ACNTRUCK Office

On April 11, 2024, I provided several price quotes for motor graders to a client from Kazakhstan, who operates as a trader and has companies in both China and Kazakhstan. Yesterday, they reached out to inquire about specific details and delivery times for the motor graders. Today,


Algerian Client Visited ACNTRUCK Office

On November 15, 2023, The client is a trader. On the 15th, I received a temporary notice from the client that he had visited the factory from other cities and came to Shanghai to visit our company. The client called us at short notice to inform us that he was coming soon. After re


Sierra Leone Clients Visited ACNTRUCK Office and XCMG Factory

On November 07, 2023, The clients are in the timber business. We got the schedule of clients in advance. We picked them up at the airport on the morning of November 7 and took the clients to visit our company. The next day, we took the clients to Xuzhou by high-speed rail to visit


Turkmenistan Clients Visited ACNTRUCK Office and SANY and ZOOMLION Factory

On September 20, 2023, The Turkmenistan clients are traders, and did not speak Chinese, but there was a Turkmenistan trader in China who could speak Chinese. I quoted Sany's rotary drill to the client in advance. The clients flew from Turkmenistan to Beijing. The Sany rotary drill


Gabon Client Visited ACNTRUCK Office and XCMG Factory

On August 02, 2023, a client from Gabon came to visit our company. Due to the urgent time, I took the client to visit the company quickly and then took the client to catch the high-speed rail to Xuzhou to see the wheel loader and backhoe loader we talked about before. During the vi


Dominican Client Visited ACNTRUCK Office

On July 14, 2023, a Dominican client came to visit our company. On the 28th floor, we made a brief introduction to the client about the company, and recommended the appropriate brand and model according to the machine that the client is interested in. At the meeting, we reached an


Mexico Clients Visited ACNTRUCK Office

On June 30, 2023, clients from Mexico came to visit our company. On the 28th floor, we gave the clients a brief PPT introduction of the company and the successful case of the company's export to Mexico. Since the clients asked about rotary drilling drills on Whats app, we also co


Mexico Client Visited ACNTRUCK Office

On June 16, 2023, ACNTRUCK welcomed a client from Mexico. We picked the client up and had dinner together after confirming the schedule. We organized all the relevant documents from our previous discussions. We prepared our company introduction PPT and product brochures. They’re


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