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ACNTRUCK Autumn CS Competition & Canoeing Relay Activity
Publication Date: 2021-11-06
On November 6th, 2021, ACNTRUCK Autumn Team Building Activity was successfully held in Shanghai Dianshan Lake team building activity base. Our staff were divided into eight teams, competing in CS Competition & Canoeing Relay.
In the CS competition, eight teams were randomly divided into four groups. The time of each group was 15 minutes. We all listened carefully to the coach's explanation of the essentials, fully dressed for the battle. As soon as the order was given, the teams quickly took up their positions, making concerted efforts to complete the task.
In the canoeing relay, eight teams were divided into two groups and competed successively. The relay race was ranked according to the timekeeping results. The members of each team needed to combine in pairs, taking the two red balls on the lake as the reference to complete the one-way 50m and 9 round-trip relay. Before the formal competition, we fully warmed up and learned canoeing skills like forward, backward and U-turn. When the relay started, the members of each team set out in turn and waved the paddle vigorously to fight for the victory.
In this activity, all the staff actively participated in the competition, showing youthful vitality and teamwork ability.

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