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ACNTRUCK 2022 Changxing Island Outing
Publication Date: 2022-12-09
On December 9th, 2022, ACNTRUCK organized a one-day winter outdoor tour in Changxing Island, Shanghai. We enjoyed three projects, namely two-person off-road karting experience, outdoor self-service barbecue and team building games.
In the morning we took the bus to the destination — Changxing Island. When we got off the bus, the weather cleared up, bright and warm was our deep feeling. We breathed the fresh air and enjoyed the natural scenery in the suburbs.
After a while we came to the off-road karting field. After the coaches trained us on the driving precautions and safety rules, the two-by-two combination started a crazy and exciting karting experience. Then we came to the barbecue site. Everyone tried to show off their cooking skills. We ate a lot of delicious food, and there was smoke from the cooking outside the canopy. After the barbecue, it began to drizzle, and we walked briskly to the indoor venue.
There are two small games played here: dryland curling and decisive battlefield. Everyone fully integrated into the game experience and put aside all worries. It seems that everyone here is very talented, only to hear the applause and cheers one after another. As the sky darkened, we ended the game with unfinished business, and our director Tracy presented trophies and prizes to the winning team. And then we enjoyed ate delicious dishes.
A day's journey is coming to an end after drinking and eating amidst the interlacing of wine and laughter. In the end, everyone took the bus and embarked on the return journey together. The beautiful night view of Shanghai outside the window also contributed to our final journey.

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