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SDLG H Series New Products Enter South Asian Market
Publication Date: 2021-01-29
At the beginning of the new year, three SDLG H-series wheel loaders L936H, L946H, L958H were successively shipped from Qingdao port to South Asian market, marking the official launch of H series products in overseas markets and the first entry of its fourth stage products into the South Asian market.
H series is the next generation of SDLG F series products, which has brand new appearance including cab, hydraulic oil tank, engine hood and counterweight. In addition, H series products also strengthen some structural parts. The interior decoration of the cab is arranged in a subversive and innovative way according to the actual use and maintenance and detection needs of customers, with various functions, convenient use and higher ergonomics. The new instrument panel can monitor the state of the whole machine in real time with the support of various sensors. Customers can deeply interact with the vehicle through instruments, keyboards, etc. H series has made great progress in intelligent, digital and other aspects, and its product strength has been greatly improved.
The South Asian market has very strict requirements on the emission of construction machinery. Its emission standard equivalent to EuroⅢ has been implemented for a long time, and will be upgraded in April 2021. SDLG has developed H-series wheel loader and motor grader, and improved the product strength and emission standards to cope with the future market competition.

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